Sub4me manages subs for your group!

The painless way to find subs for tennis and other events.

Sub4me manages subs for your group!

The painless way to find subs for tennis and other events.

What can Sub4me do for you and your group?


Reduce email & phone calls.

Click dates you will be absent. Sub4me automatically contacts a pool of subs and lets you know when your vacancy has been filled. Finding a replacement has never been so easy!

Keep your group in the loop.

Never show up wondering what to expect. Email notifications and reminders inform your group who is scheduled, who is subbing for whom, the time, and the place. If your event has changed or been canceled, Sub4me lets you know.

Less worry about details.

Sub4me tracks those contacted and lets subs know if the opening has been filled. There are no worries about overbooking a vacancy or contacting people unnecessarily.

How it Works

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  • Holy Moly! You are going out of town next week and uh-oh ...

    You forgot to get subs for your scheduled doubles matches.

  • You easily go to the events page on Sub4me.

    Click the checkboxes for dates you need a sub to fill in for you.

  • Email requests are sent to each available substitute.

    It shows the date, time, location, and who else is playing.

  • A sub clicks a link and sees the page with your request.

    She or he clicks "Yes" and locks in that spot to play.

  • The sub receives a confirmation email with all the event info.

    You also get an email notice your spot has been filled.

  • 24 hours before the event, all players get a reminder.

    It shows all the latest event information.

  • If a sub bails out, new requests are sent out to available subs.

    If an event has a vacancy 3 hours prior, all players are notified.

  • If the time or location changes, an alert is sent to all players.

    If the event is canceled, all players are notified.

Also Create Pickup Games

Sub4me enables you to create pickup events, which are casual first-come, first-served events or games for a specific purpose. If you have a pool of people to invite to an event and have a limited number of spots or seats or openings, Sub4me will fill it for you and cut it off when full.

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Sub4me simplifies finding a sub!

Sub4me solves a nagging problem shared by many -- finding someone to take their place in a game or event they are commited to attend.

You show up for your regular Sunday doubles match and, to your surprise, some or none of the 3 other people you expect are there. Is Fred late? Is Ricky on vacation? Is Ethel filling in for Lucy? Did we cancel our match today? Am I at the right place? What gives?

It's difficult for a group to always come together regularly and it takes too much time to find suitable replacements.
  • Email is broken when it comes to finding subs.
  • Phone calls eat time.
  • Tracking the who, what, when, and where is a hassle.
  • Remembering to communicate to others is easily forgotten.

  • Contacts each member of a pool of subs you create.
  • Informs involved participants the current details and status of their event.
  • Enables creation of one-off events on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Saves time and is easy to use.

Relieve the pain ... find a sub for your game.

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