Frequently Asked Questions

  • General Questions
    • How can Sub4me help me?
      • When you participate in a regularly occuring game and need to find a substitute and don't have the time or the inclination.
      • When people in your group are lax in communicating their plans.
      • When you want better contol over the process of finding replacement players.
      • When you want to easily create a pickup game with people you know and want to play with.
    • Why was Sub4me created?
      Sub4me came about because I was frustrated with the hassles of finding replacements for my recurring doubles tennis game. If you travel, are sick or injured, or have a scheduling conflict, finding a sub quickly becomes a chore. I enjoy the game, the exercise, the camaraderie, and hate not playing due to screwups, which happen all too often. At the same time, it was taking way too much time to manage the whole process.
    • Is Sub4me foolproof?
      There are human factors involved. Sub4me works when you have enough group members who are interested in participating. The more participants you have, the better chance someone will fill in. Also, it helps to invite people who want the opportunity to play with the people in your group. People do love it because it frees up their time for other things.
    • Does Sub4me do more than tennis?
      Yes. It will work for a number of sports and games including golf, bridge, poker, and more. These will be implemented as we hear from our users. It can also be used for other activities such as ticket offerings, book clubs, and yoga/pilates instructors.
    • Why are Sub4me groups invitation only?
      A group may wish to include only those who can participate at a certain level of play. Sometimes locations or times may not be compatible for everyone. There are many reasons and it goes both ways. Invitees have the ability to join or decline an invitation to a group. Sub4me is an opt-in system, meaning the individual user's decisions are most important.
    • Will Sub4me create work for me?
      It will save a lot of work and time for you. Most work is done by the group's organizer. Inviting people to the group and creating a recurring schedule takes the most time, but only initially. The schedule automatically extends every month and adds events to each regular user's schedule. Set it and forget it.
    • Why isn't there a free version?
      We want to avoid distracting advertising. Plus, there is real value for people who use Sub4me. The monthly fee for a group is less than the cost of 2 cans of tennis balls. That fee is only for the group owner/organizer. If a foursome shares the cost, it comes to less than a cup of coffee each per month.
    • What other than finding a sub does Sub4me do?
      Other than sending out requests for finding a replacement for an event, Sub4me sends notices to those who are actually participating in the event as to location, time, and roster of participants so that there are no surprises. Sub4me also gives group owners the ability to create one-off events and pickup games and events.
    • What are the latest Sub4me enhancements?
      Creating a pickup game (or event) is a new feauture which allows you to create a first-come, first-serve impromptu event. For example, "I have a court reserved this Thursday at 7 pm. The first 4 to respond are in!" The owner/organizer is notified when enough people respond in the affirmative or if the minimum requrired is not reached prior to the start.
    • What if I have questions or problems or want to give feedback?
      Please don't hesitate to email us. We will respond. Click here to send feedback.
  • Support Questions
    • How can I confirm my account?
      If you were invited to join a group, the link in that email will take you to a page where you will enter your password and then confirm it. If that email is gone, go to the sub4me login page and click the "Didn't receive confirmation instructions?" link. After you enter your email address, you will receive a new token in your inbox. Follow those instructions.
    • My email address is already in the system, but I cannot log in. How can I?
      This likely means your password is incorrect or corrupt. On the login page, click the Forgot your password? link and follow the instructions.
    • What if I want to use a different email than the one used to invite me to the group?
      The best bet is to contact the group owner and ask him to send a new invitation with your preferred email address. Using the same email address for all your Sub4me groups will ensure your invitations and schedule of events are all in one place.
    • I own a group and I sent an invite using the wrong email for someone I invited to join.
      The first thing to do is revoke the membership record with that incorrect user email address by clicking the revoke box for that membership and clicking the Update button. Next, create a new invitation with the correct email address and send it out as before.
    • Is all this signup stuff really necessary?
      Just as you want to be able to opt-in (or out) of a specific event, we also want people to have the ability to opt-in (or out) of a specific group. You might join more than one. You also might choose to create one or two. We want your account to remain private. All groups are essentially private and not open to the public.
  • Glossary
    • Group
      Any number of the same people who regularly participate in a specific activity. In some cases, an individual might be considered a group. For example, an instructor might need to find substitutes for classes they teach.
      The group's primary purpose. Different activities have different needs. Sub4me's behavior can change based on the activity. A group may have only one activity.
      A group member considered to be an on-going participant in the activity.
      A group member in the group pool to be contacted in the event a regular group member needs a sub.
      A group member who receives alerts and notifications pertinent to the group.
      The group administrator. The owner creates the group, adds group members, creates the schedule, and more. An owner can be any type of group member (regular, sub, or non-participant).
      The place where the group meets. A default location is created automatically and is adequate in most cases. A single group is not limited to meeeting at a single location.
      An activity occurring at a specific date, time, and location. Events may be recurring or one-offs.


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