February 2016

Sub4me does pickup games! What is a pickup game or event?

Let's say you have 10 seats at a table every week. Let's also say 2 specific individuals will have a seat at that table each week. Designate a number of other folks as substitutes. Sub4me automates the filling of the other 8 seats automatically on a first-come, first-serve basis. No email tag, no double-booking, no mess, no fuss!

One thing I discovered in creating Sub4me is that all people do not think alike! Okay, I already knew that, but it becomes more apparent when developing software. Some folks who participate in a regularly occuring event might do so on a less regular basis. Others may schedule an event and then accept the first 3 or first 7 people who respond. Essentially this gives the group owner more flexiblity in managing the core group of regular participants and is a great way to bring together a large controlled group of people who want to engage periodically.

January 2016

It's been a long time coming, but Sub4me has launched and is ready for service. Sub4me is a tool for finding a sub (substitute) which is much easier to use than email or the phone alone. Initially it was created to find a tennis sub for folks who play in a regularly occuring game, but it will work for many sport and game activities such as golf, basketball, bowling, softball, poker, bridge, book clubs, and more.

Sub4me is continually evolving and we have many new features planned. Our intent was to create a tool which saves your time and minimize the effort required to find a replacement when you or members of your group cannot attend a scheduled event. By the way, group membership is free for everyone except the group owner!

Sub4me is an opt-in, permission-based system. You invite people to join your group and those people have the option to accept or decline your invitiation. Groups are private and not visible to the general public.

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